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  • Languages:Swahili, English
  • First Person:Irungu Joshua Wakahora (Governor)
  • Population (persons):399227 (2009)
  • Area in sq.km:8,696.10 (2009)
  • Population Density (persons/sq.km):45.91 (2009)
  • Crude Birth Rate (per 1000 population):39.4 (1999)
  • Unemployment Rate, 15-64 years (%):8.1 (1999)
  • Number of HouseHolds:103114 (2009)
  • Gross Attendance Ratio, Primary (number):100345.6 (2006)
  • Gross Attendance Ratio, Secondary (number):38600.3 (2006)
  • Pupil Teacher Ratio (%):27.1 (2000)
  • Primary School Enrolment:100482 (2015)
  • Secondary School Gross Enrolment:30955 (2015)
  • Infant Mortality Rate (deaths per 1000 live births):41.5 (1999)
  • Under-five Mortality Rate (deaths per 1000 live births):71 (1999)
  • Population with Fever/Malaria (%):14.9 (2006)
  • Poverty Rate (%):48.1 (2006)

Nanyuki town lies on the north western slopes of Mount Kenya along the A2 Nairobi Moyale via lsiolo Great North Road. The Kenya Uganda railway from Nairobi to the north ends here. Nanyuki Kenya is right on the equator on the slopes of Mount Kenya with a spectacular view of the snow-capped peaks and the plains of Laikipia. Nanyuki Kenya strategic location and spectacular views prompted the British settlers during the early days of colonisation to build a town. Many remnants and descendants of these early settler families still live on the ranches around the town.

Today, Nanyuki Kenya is a multicultural market center serving farms, ranches, game parks and wildlife conservancies. It is also a base for adventurers looking to climb Mount Kenya. Owing to its location on the equator surrounded by Laikipia high country and with picturesque Mount Kenya as a backdrop, Nanyuki Kenya is a destination for both domestic and international visitors who find it ideal for getaway excursions and retreats from the stressful daily routine of the city. The British Army has a base at the Nanyuki Show Ground (NSG) from where it conducts yearly desert and jungle training exercises on the mountain and in the arid areas to the north. Nanyuki is the capital of Laikipia County. The Equator passes through the southern part of Nanyuki.

The town was started by British settlers during  the early days of colonial Kenya in 1907. Some of their descendants still live in or around the town. The town is today multi-cultural and is the market centre for farms, ranches, game parks and wildlife conservancies in the region. It’s also the base for people seeking to climb Mount Kenya, the most famous landmark in the country. The Equator line passes 6.5 km  south of this town.

Most residents  of the Nanyuki earn their money through trade. Shops in the town supply many farms, ranches and game parks in a wide circle. Originally, most shops were owned by Indians, who still form a sizable part of the population. Climbers and backpackers visit Nanyuki on their way to or from Mount Kenya along the Sirimon and Burguret routes and many other tourists pass through the town. Nanyuki therefore has many hotels, of which Mount Kenya Safari Club and Sportsman’s Arms Hotel are the most prominent and best known. Other hotels include Lion’s Court, Equatorial Hotel, Mount Kenya Paradise Hotel and Joskaki Hotel.


There used to be a textile factory, Mount Kenya Textile (Mountex) Mills. The British management deteriorated over the years, which largely contributed to its bankruptcy in 1978. Years later, the factory, which had remained more or less intact, was bought by an Asian businessman, an inhabitant of Nanyuki. Some textile was produced. The factory eventually closed due to cheap imports and outdated machinery and finally was looted to the ground. There have also been a number of sawmills in Nanyuki. However, with the almost total ban on tree felling on Mount Kenya, these either closed down or are now eking out a difficult existence. Recently, large horticultural operations have come to Nanyuki.

Nanyuki can be reached by air. Its airport lies 6.5 km (4 mi) south of the town and is served by light aircraft along the highway to Nairobi . There is a regular air service by Air Kenya, which is very convenient for businessmen and tourists. The town is also reachable using the all weather road from Nairobi. Tourists can visit a number of parks and reserves in the vicinity of Nanyuki, the most obvious one being Mount Kenya National Park. Others are Sweetwaters Game Reserve, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Samburu National Reserve and Shaba National Reserve.


Nanyuki plains is in Ereri area located 15 km from Nanyuki CBD along the Nanyuki – Rumuruti road. The land is 11 acres divided into 50X100 acre plots It is accessible at the Ol Pejeta conservancy gate B junction. The parcel is 1 km from the main road.


It is located 1km from the 800 acres proposed Enaai golf course estate. Our other prominent neighbours are Mt. Kenya Wildlife Estate,Enaai golf course estate, Maiyan Housing Development, Mukima Ridge, British military bungalows and also high net worth individuals whom have invested in the area.





Payment Plan:


Price : Ksh. 299,000. Buy Two Pieces on Cash at Ksh. 580,000.


Payment Plan: 25% Deposit and Balance Payable Within 3 Months.




  • Scenic view of Mt Kenya, Lolldaiga hills and Aberdare Ranges
  • 16km from Nanyuki CBD
  • 1KM from Main road
  • Accessible at the Ol Pejeta conservancy gate B junction
  • 1km from the 800 acres proposed Enaai golf course estate
  • 3km from the Samuel Eto’o Sports Academy
  • Ideal for holiday homes
  • Ideal for investment
  • Ready Free Hold Titles
  • Water & Electricity available


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